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Teacher Training, school activities and students' feedback on teaching materials, online learning system, teachers at Chinese Horizon

I have personally benefited tremendously from CH's combined method of interactive class instructions and online learning. The convenience of having web based instructions and downloadable audio lessons also enables me to take learning one step further as I am able to access lessons through internet access on PDA/Laptop and MP3 player. CH has one of the best online Chinese learning software that I have used to date.

Brain Teoh, Malaysian - Account Director from Highteam Communications Company, Beijing

Dear Chinese Horizon,
I have just completed the 5 day trial and want to buy a 6 month course for $131 US dollars.
I am currently in Level 2, lesson ten, a very appropriate and useful level for me.
Congratulations on putting together such a well made program.
Use the credit card that you have on file.


Janice Walker

Full Letter from Janice Walker, Netherlands

I study by myself when I get a spare moment. I started a few month ago and I find the vocabulary tests especially useful. I hope to reach level 3 at least. It may take a while. I have recommended your course off line

Geoffrey Barto   office staff   from United States

I do study by myself and 2-3 hours per week. … I find the vocabulary, reading comprehension, recognizing Chinese characters are very helpful. Yes, I sent my recordings to the teacher and I got very helpful advice. If possible, I want to reach level 12.

Ms. Patricia. Grigoleit   manager   from Germany

I study alone… I like this course best, in comparison to two other Chinese language courses that I've tried, because this course begins with the structure of Chinese language, (vowels, consonants, tonality), so you give me the tools I will need later in sounding out words when I am reading Chinese words written in pinyin. The other Chinese language courses that I have tried merely try to teach word memorization.

Tim Sell from United States

I study by myself, 0-5 hours per week; I find listening, pronunciation, cadence of phrases, putting emotions into words are very useful and I use the animation of characters and Daily Chinese; I have recommended your course to my friends and I myself want to reach Elite Level.

Allan Mak   Student   from United States

I think it is a wonderful creative course, and easy to learn. I like the pictures with the English and Chinese sentences which you can listen to. It would have been wonderful if Chinese Horizon had a branch in Cape Town, South Africa as well. I prefer the Chinese Horizon method.

Annette Jansen Van Vuuren in South Africa:

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The full letter from Miklos in Switzerland in reply one of our surveys

Survey -

1. What do you think of Chinese Horizon's online course in general?
2. Are there any technical problems that you don't know how to solve?
3. Which features do you like best on our website?
4. Which part of the lessons do you like best?
5. How do you use the online lessons in your Chinese study? And how long do you spend on each lesson?
6. What other features do you expect in Chinese Horizon?
7. In which area do you think Chinese Horizon has room to improve?
8. Will you continue to study at Chinese Horizon after this term?

Dear Jane,
Here are my opinions and thanks a lot for asking


  1. the best so far that I have encountered in online Chinese teaching
  2. none whatsoever
  3. the emphasis on listening, because for me, understanding spoken Chinese is the most difficult aspect in learning Chinese. It is also very good that you recorded those conversations in realistic settings, including background noise, music, etc, because it prepares students for real life situations.
  4. the recorded conversation at the beginning of each lesson, since it is the most challenging
  5. since I've been studying Chinese on my own for about four years now, and have only reached lesson 22 by now, I usually listen about three times to the conversation, once to the vocabulary that I mostly know already, and finish a lesson in about an hour. This might change as I go on.
  6. maybe it would be a good thing to be able to go back to individual sections in a lesson without having to work through that lesson all over again, but maybe this is possible and I haven't yet found out how?
  7. I really don't know, but I would sure appreciate it if you added an 'advanced' level
  8. yes, sure, till I finish all the lessons

Teaching Material Referral from Claire Huot

the former cultural counselor of the Canadian Embassy, who has studied Chinese and taught the language for some ten years at University of Montreal, has strongly commented the CH materials and method. As she said in her recommendation to publishers:

 "…I therefore know when I saw an excellent textbook for foreigners. Professor Zhu has written such a book. I know it works because my spouse has been studying with her since we arrived in Beijing, that is already nine months. From his notes, as well as his weekly newly learnt vocabulary, I can tell that her method is most efficacious…she has managed to show him gradually, in a ingenuous pedagogical way…, the dialogues she devised are extremely realistic, as well as down-to-earth, exactly what a student needs and appreciates"

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